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About JX ZHAO'S group

Jianxin 100 leads the future

Jianxin is committed to providing users with perfect products and services, leading the product and technology innovation of the entire auto parts industry, and gaining 100% recognition from users and society through 100% efforts.

Corporate mission

The competition in the auto parts industry is extremely fierce. Jianxin attaches great importance to the improvement of scientific research strength and continues to extend to the high end of the value chain.

Become a world-class research leader in auto parts

Corporate vision

Employees refer to all newcomers, partners refer to our suppliers, customers, and the society refers to the people who have mutual interests and are connected with each other. These three are closely connected with Jianxin, embodying the same boat, honor and disgrace, and work together to create brilliant team. team spirit.

Core values

Employees, partners, society and business win-win