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As a national high-tech enterprise, continuous innovation is the driving force behind the rapid development of the company. The company now has provincial-level enterprise research institutes, provincial-level enterprise technology centers, provincial-level R&D centers, municipal-level scientific and technological innovation teams and other technological innovation institutions and innovation teams. The United States, Germany, and Japan have established overseas R&D centers with more than 640 R&D personnel. They have obtained 212 authorized patents, including 33 invention patents, and cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University and Jilin University to conduct industry-university-research cooperation. In recent years, the test center invested by 100 million yuan has more than 200 advanced test and testing equipments such as the US MTS three-axis dynamic static tester and NVH tester, and has passed the national CNSA approval. The company is deeply involved in the field of auto parts, advocating green and light-weight development, and has the strategic needs of simultaneous development of various auto manufacturers.

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